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Welcome to the alternative social network ERMITICON. In our website we aspire to share ideas, opinions and suggestions with our members, avoiding the pathogenesis of existing networks, such as censorship, endless online fighting, pointless disagreements, "paid" interventions, trolling, etc. Our aim is not to replace our participation in the widespread networks but in addition, to engage in a more substantial dialogue, between individuals with whom we share basic principles and values.



We invite all those who are interested in the common good, have an active presence in the public debate (each in his own way), are characterized by ethics and courtesy, can substantiate their views with arguments and without quarrels, accept the views of others, have the opportunity to do self-criticism, etc. People who honour democracy even if it does not go along with their wants and needs.

Participation in the portal is free for everyone but the content is not accessible by unregistered users. It is therefore a semi-private network, where members and their posts are protected from public exposure but may be visible (depending on privacy settings) to other registered users of the platform. However, the publication of any content of the website that belongs to other users (eg posts, articles, personal discussions, etc.) is prohibited.

  • There is no legal basis, for a member's exposure to content, that may be classified as "inappropriate". Each member knowingly chooses to participate, is an adult and takes responsibility for his / her participation.
  • The participation of people who do not meet the basic requirements for a constructive exchange of views, such as courtesy, ethics and good intentions, may be canceled.
  • Actions of individuals who have fraudulent motives or serve suspicious interests may result in termination of their account.
  • Members are encouraged not to provoke others but to focus on the peaceful settlement of disputes.
  • Minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter ERMITICON.


The website

The website has been developed by Y53 Group, a Hellenic company based in Attica, which is active in the field of technology (hardware - software) and media (audio, video, website construction, etc.). The construction of the website has been fully funded by Y53 Group, as well as the annual cost for the hosting. The environment is very similar to that of the well-known social networks so that it is easy to use while a special effort has been made to include the basic functions that are required for a more substantial participation. The following is a summary of the main functions of the portal:

  • Create account with profile picture, background image and many security and privacy settings.
  • Add friends / followers function with block or delete capability.
  • Posts, with text, images (up to 1 Mbyte), colored posts, feelings / activity.
  • Unlimited words articles that appear as posts but also collectively in the "blogs" section so that they are not lost in the feed and are easily accessible by members.
  • Messenger function for personal messages between members (only chat) with the ability to exchange images, emogis and stickers.
  • Creating of Groups, events, polls (as posts) without option binding.
  • Creation of professional pages, without limitation in number, so that each member can promote his profession or other activity.
  • Posting of products and offers with direct connection in the eshop of the member (Y53 Group does not intervene in the money transactions).
  • Posting jobs for those who have a professional page and the ability to search by interested members in a separate section.


Security - Privacy

Regarding the security of the portal, this is achieved with a familiar sign in form, providing user name and password. Unregistered users do not have access to the page content and it is not possible to share a post on another network.

After the first successful login it is possible to save the login credentials. Each account is personal and its data belongs exclusively to the user. It is possible to completely delete your account and the data related to it, easily from the account settings. Your password is encrypted and cannot be recovered even by administrators - if you forget your password you will need to create a new one. No one is allowed to publish (share) a post of his or another member through the portal, except maliciously and illegally using other methods such as photography, print screen, copy-paste text, etc. In any case, the publication of material through the site is illegal and violates the terms of use.


Support us

The construction costs and maintenance of ERMITICON has been covered entirely by our company without any hidden charges for the members. The use of the website is free and the only source of income is through donations or advertisements. Those who want to contribute financially to our effort, please follow the link below. The maintenance and development costs of ERMITICON relate to the monthly rental of the server (approximately € 200 / month), the man-hours required for its maintenance but also the future needs in space and bandwidth with the increase of participations and activity. In any case, the amount we will receive from donations will be posted on this page at regular intervals.



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For additional information regarding your registration or support, do not hesitate to contact us.


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